Celebrating our Year 13 IB Academic Honours and Colours recipients

March 25, 2022 at 3:24 PM

Today we gathered to honour the academic success of our Year 13 International Baccalaureate (IB) students who achieved incredibly high results in their first year of the programme. Held at the Chapel, the ceremony which was recorded and streamed for families to view also recognised top scholars in the 2021 NZQA Scholarship Examinations. View assembly here.

Speaking on IB which is a programme established in Switzerland in the 1960s, College Deputy Principal (Curriculum) Mrs Angee Robertson shared that the curriculum pathway is based on a Learner profile aimed at developing and inquiring, knowledgeable and caring global minded citizens. “It shifts from narrow specialisation to seeking knowledge and critical thinking across a broad range of subjects to enlighten global thinkers – in essence, what do our students need for the future not just what they need now,” added Mrs Robertson.  

Our College IB Coordinator Ms Suzie Tornquist who presented awards to the top achievers, also acknowledged the Top IB student, Ashley Wang who achieved a perfect predicted score of 42 out of 42.

Every year, the standard set to gain Academic Awards is extremely high and intended to motivate students to achieve at the highest levels of excellence. To achieve an Academic Colour or Honour in IB, students must attain high results in their school practice examinations held at the end of last year. Students also received additional points for success in their NZQA Scholarship examinations.

The table below shows the standards required for Colours or Honours in IB:



Academic Colours

Academic Honours

38+ points

36 or 37 points





Well done to all students who have been awarded with honours and colours:


Year 13 IB Colours

Year 13 IB Honours

Wang, Ashley

Chen, Molly 

Bain, Blake 

Pijnenburg, Emma 

Chen, Zhehong  (Harry) 

Ryder, David

Clark, Thomas 

Shires, Timothy 

Dirks, Katie 

Tao, Angel 

Du, Aileen 

White, Benjamin  (Ben) 

Fung, Ethan 

Xiang, Boyu  (Bob) 

Hao, Yixiong 

Zhang, Ruiqi  (Michael) 

Jiang, Jason 


Li, Isabel 


Ling, Ryan 


Mah, Marion 


Ning, Christine 


Prebble, Amy 


Wang, Jesse 


Yarlagadda, Neeraj 



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