Boys’ School Year 8 Camp

March 11, 2016 at 2:57 PM

The Year 8 boys ventured far from their ‘comfort zone’ when they embarked on a week-long camp at McLaren Falls in the Bay of Plenty last week. Joining the 121 students to take on new challenges were 9 staff members and 15 dads, though the boys largely fended for themselves – helping to prepare the meals and pitching in to get the chores done!

As the senior students of the school, the focus of the camp was responsibility, leadership and service. They undertook a number of exciting adventure pursuits, such as learning outdoor skills, windsurfing, catapult building and surfing at Mt Maunganui. Despite the inclement weather on the first couple of days, the boys braved the wet to complete the full programme, which added to the sense of achievement.

A highlight of the camp was their service component, offering assistance at Cedar Manor Rest Home. The boys helped out by setting up for and serving meals, delivering cups of tea and biscuits, entertaining with singing or musical interludes, and sitting to read or talk to the residents.

The great mix of activities enriched the boys socially, physically and spiritually, and brought them even closer together as a cohort. 

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