Boys’ School Trips Explore World Beyond the Classroom

October 12, 2023 at 3:26 PM

At our Boys' School, we firmly believe that learning goes far beyond the walls of the classroom. In Term 3, our boys, right from Year 0 to Year 8, had opportunities to supplement their daily learning excursions that allowed them to connect with the natural world, explore art, appreciate music, delve into history, and contribute to environmental conservation. 

Year 0-2 Trip to Botanical Gardens

Our youngest students, comprising Year 0 to Year 2, enjoyed an enriching day at the Botanical Gardens, accompanied by our dedicated parent helpers. The day was thoughtfully structured to provide the boys with a well-rounded exploration of the gardens.

A highlight of this excursion was the lesson focused on the seed's life cycle. During this session, the boys gained insights into the process of pollination and the crucial role played by earthworms in nurturing healthy soil. They had the opportunity to closely observe Tiger Worms, discovering the simple and memorable mantra of these creatures: 'chew, chew, chew and poo, poo, poo!' This revelation shed light on how these tiny workers contribute to soil fertility, fostering optimal conditions for plant growth.

Equipped with gloves and watering cans, our young learners actively participated in planting bean seeds and transplanting seedlings under expert guidance. Beyond the hands-on experience, this activity allowed them to make a tangible contribution to the preservation of the Botanical Gardens. The boys' commitment to cleanliness was evident as they diligently swept and tidied the gardening area after their planting efforts.

As a memento of this day, each boy took home a bean seed, nurturing it with care, as they anticipate it eventually bearing vegetables in due course. This hands-on experience not only imparted knowledge but also instilled a sense of responsibility for the environment, fostering an early appreciation for the world around them.

Year 3 Trip to the Art Gallery

The Year 3 students embarked on a themed exploration centred around their topic 'Myths and Legends' for the current term. The destination: the Toi o Tāmaki, Auckland Art Gallery, where they spend the morning immersed in the world of visual art and storytelling.

The outing was structured into two distinct sessions. In the initial part of their visit, the boys immersed themselves in the First Peoples Art of Australia exhibition. Here, they engaged with self-guide booklets and had the opportunity to express their creativity in the Taupuni Mahi Studio. Subsequently, they ventured into Romancing the Collection, a curated collection of contemporary and historical artworks from Aotearoa New Zealand, guided by an art expert.

During these sessions, the boys discovered the power of art in conveying detailed narratives. They took on the challenge of storytelling through visual art, exploring the subtleties of symbolism and creative expression. The day culminated with the students enjoying a well-deserved lunch on the sunlit terraces of the gallery – a perfect setting for soaking in inspiration and reflecting on their artistic journey.

Year 4 Trip to Holy Trinity Cathedral

For the Year 4 boys, music came alive in a captivating way during their visit to the Holy Trinity Cathedral. As part of their unit on 'Music to My Ears,' the boys had the privilege of hearing the Saint Kentigern College String Ensemble and Symphonic Band perform. 

This outing couldn't have been better timed, aligning perfectly with their ongoing study of sound, music history, and how the ear functions. The College ensembles performed eight beautiful pieces of music and engaged the boys in discussions about how various instruments create sound.

The experience not only deepened their understanding of music but also offered a glimpse into the musical opportunities that await them in the future. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Miss Mary Lin, Head of Music at the College and her team for providing our boys with an entertaining and educational afternoon.

Year 6 Trip to Auckland Museum

The Year 6 students embarked on an engaging journey to ancient Egypt during their visit to the Egyptian exhibition at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. This educational trip was thoughtfully aligned with their Social Science curriculum, offering them immersion into the rich history and culture of this ancient civilisation.

During the visit, the boys had a unique opportunity to acquire firsthand knowledge about the Nile River's significance, gain insights into the roles of Pharaohs, and witness an actual mummy. A particularly memorable aspect of the trip was their interaction with replica artifacts from that era, which included a mummified cat, a porcelain headrest, and a papyrus scroll adorned with hieroglyphics.

This experience allowed the boys to step into a world vastly different from their own, enhancing their understanding of how diverse people groups have functioned throughout history. It was an enriching journey that brought their Social Science studies to life, providing a tangible connection to the past.

Year 7/8 Trees for Survival Trip

Our commitment to environmental education is exemplified each year when our Year 7 and 8 science monitors travel out to a farm located in Brookby to actively participate in the Trees for Survival program. This program is dedicated to the ongoing reforestation of carefully selected farms through the planting of native New Zealand trees.

During this memorable day, our students eagerly took on the task of planting trees on a steep hillside, fully aware of the positive impact their efforts would have in stabilising the soil and preventing potential landslides. Thankfully, the weather was on our side, allowing the boys to relish a satisfying lunch break.

Moreover, the day offered the boys an opportunity to engage with inspiring talks delivered by representatives from Trees for Survival, the farm owner, and members of the Rotary Club. These discussions left an indelible mark on our young learners, igniting their passion for Environmental Science and reinforcing their commitment to making a meaningful and positive contribution to our planet's well-being.

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