Boys' School Mathex Winners

September 06, 2013 at 1:14 PM

The Jubilee Sports Centre was abuzz with a cross between mathematics and athletics as local schools competed for the title of 2013 Mathex Champions - the second time this event has been hosted at the Boys’ School.  Competition amongst some determined young mathematicians was fierce and appeared to be enjoyed by both the competitors and the large number of parents and supporters in attendance. The competition requires maths questions to be answered in a set time frame. A designated runner sprints the answer to the judges and collects the next question for their return.

Our Year 5A team were excited to be placed first in their grade while our Year 6A team found themselves in the unusual position of being one of six teams with a joint top score at the end of the 20 minute time allowance. The playoff to determine the eventual winning team saw a quick rearrangement of tables. The six teams received their question and the signal was given to start. It only took a second for Cornwall Park School to solve the problem and be declared the 2013 winning team for Year 6.

This was a great night and a fantastic experience for all students involved. Congratulations to our winning team.

Year 5 Team: Akash Mudaliar, Nathaniel Bailey, Marcus Findlow and David Allan.

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