Artist in Residence at the Girls' School

April 03, 2013 at 1:39 PM

The Girls’ School would like to extend their thanks to Simon Payton, professional artist and father of Molly in Year 8, who has been the ‘artist in residence’ at the School throughout Term 1. We thank him for the guidance he has given to the girls during this time.

Simon is an award winning artist who has exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand as well as in Europe and America. Many of his works appear in private and public collections throughout New Zealand.  An expressionist painter and assemblage artist, he is acknowledged as one of New Zealand’s most successful and skilled portrait artists.  Simon generally likes to use watercolours to capture the character of his younger subjects and acrylics with other clients. His work can range from abstract to representational depending on the brief.

He said that even though much of his school years were given over to sport, art has played an important part in his life from an early age, and of all the media, painting remains his greatest love. His painting acknowledges both traditional and contemporary painting practice and is recognised for its colourful, uplifting nature – a reflection of his own optimistic and positive personality.

This term, Simon has been based in the Senior Art Room working on his own work each day and talking to the girls who stop by to watch and question what he is doing. During his time at the School he has chosen to work with two mediums so that the girls have an understanding of the different processes. He has been creating a large watercolour painting of his daughter, Molly and also progressing a series of abstract acrylic pieces.

The watercolour is a large scale work and he has been talking to the girls about the process he uses to underpaint his work and build up colour washes. His acrylic pieces are a totally different style, building up layer upon layer of paint and glaze to create an embedded texture that draws the eye constantly to the many nuances of colour.

The Girls’ School has an outstanding visual arts programme that provides the girls with exposure to a broad range of media. Their work is constantly on display throughout the School and brings many admiring comments in the Reception area. We are grateful to Simon for offering his time and expertise to work alongside the girls so that they could witness a professional artist in action.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us Simon.

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