2017 College Prefects Commissioned

February 03, 2017 at 3:45 PM

This morning at a formal assembly, our Senior College student leaders for 2017 were commissioned.

This year, we congratulate Isabella Denholm and Matthew Stirling whose hard work, confidence, pride in the College and leadership skills have seen them appointed as Head Prefects. Both students have been fully involved with the College during their time here, carefully balancing their academic studies with many co-curricular activities. They are well organised, meticulous students who have demonstrated the right attributes of a Saint Kentigern College Head Prefect.

The Head Prefects will be supported by Tate McGregor and Josh Looker in their role as Deputy Head Prefects, as well as an extended team that includes House Leaders, Chapel, Art, Service and Sports Prefects.

The prefect team has significantly increased in number this year, reflecting the addition of two new Houses to the pastoral care structure. Stark and Wilson join the long-established Cargill, Chalmers, Hamilton and Wishart Houses, with the prefect teams for the two new Houses having chosen to change ‘House allegiance’ for their final year!

The selection process for prefect roles at the College is lengthy and thorough to ensure the best team of students with complimentary talents and skills are selected to represent the student body. These students are often ‘all-rounders’ who have taken every advantage of our ‘world of opportunity.’ 

Congratulations to all the students who have been appointed as prefects for 2017! 

Isabella is a confident, bubbly, high achieving academic student who excels as a public speaker and debater. In 2016, she received Academic Colours and Honours. Since Year 7, she has immersed herself in all facets of College life, in particular the Performing Arts and Service. She has been fully engaged as a member of the premier choir, Kentoris and has been involved in many of the College productions. She both plays and coaches netball and is currently working towards her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. Isabella has a strong Christian faith which has seen her fully committed to service both within and beyond the College community. She is a member of the Chapel Band, took part in the Malawi Service Trip in 2015 and for the last five years has been one of the top three fundraisers for World Vision’s 40 Hour Famine. Beyond College she has travelled to Tanzania as a NZ Word Vision Youth Ambassador and is a Youth Speaker for Tear Fund NZ. Isabella aims for excellence in all she does and is well-deserving of this appointment.

Matthew has attended Saint Kentigern since Year 7 and has well-developed leadership experience through his senior positions in the College Premier Water Polo team, as well as his club Water Polo and position on the New Zealand Water Polo U20 team. He is a high achieving academic student gaining Colours in 2016. He is well-versed in public speaking and takes all his responsibilities seriously, particularly enjoying the opportunity to help others enjoy College life as much as he does. Matthew was a member of the Malawi Service trip in 2015, has been a fundraiser for World Vision’s 40 Hour Famine and is working towards his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. Matthew is well organised proving that he can balance demanding co-curricular activities on top of a busy school timetable. He is well-deserving of this appointment. 

Isabella and Mathew will well supported by Deputy Head Prefects, Tate McGregor and Josh Looker who are both friendly young people with positive outlooks. Both students are also excellent public speakers and enjoy the opportunity to lead by example. Tate is captain of the 1st XI Girls’ Football team and has been in both Auckland and NZ age group Touch teams. Josh plays Waterpolo and is committed to the music programme at the College playing saxophone in a number of our ensembles. Both students are skilled debaters and have embraced servant leadership. They both relate well to other people and are looking forward to the challenges that this year will bring.


Isabella Denholm              Head Girl
Matthew Stirling               Head Boy
Tate McGregor                 Deputy Head Girl
Josh Looker                       Deputy Head Boy
Holly Foster                       Chapel Prefect
Thomas Hyland                Chapel Prefect
Bella Conyngham             Service Prefect
Amelia Ayres                     Arts Prefect
Victoria Kolose                 Sports Prefect
Dane Schnell                      Sports Prefect

Hunter Williams               House Leader
Josephine Crawford        House Leader
Georgia Bennett
Kyle Robb
Lauren Pickett
Victoria Hockley

Ethan Jupe                         House Leader
Victoria Tse                       House Leader
Anna Wilkinson
Claudia Winn
Lucy Scarborough
Max Danesh-Clough

Ashley Potter                    House Leader
Ben Sterritt                        House Leader
Alexander McDonald
Fraser Hamilton
Jamie Lindsay

Fergus Ellis                         House Leader
Georgia Ropati                 House Leader
Brendan Waters
Callum McDonald
Kendall Mead
Sam McDonald

Erin Meek                           House Leader
Tom Lott                            House Leader
Freddie Cashmore-Chatwin
Jessie Liu
Kayleb Milne
Sid Chand

Luke Paanakker                House Leader
Yasmin Shakes                  House Leader
Anton Hitchcock
Eleanor Buttle
Harrison Taylor

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