2014 Girls' School Prizegiving

December 09, 2014 at 4:26 PM

Piping in the official party for the first time to the Girls’ School Prizegiving service was Year 8 student and Dux of 2014, Kate Pennycuick. As one of only two pipers at the School this year, Kate’s inaugural performance led the party through the JC Chalmers Hall at the Boys’ School, marking the opening of the annual ceremony. 

Family, friends, invited guests and the girls were welcomed by the Principal of the Girls’ School, Dr Sandra Hastie before Dr Bruce Goodfellow, Chairman of the Trust Board gave his opening address. In his address, Dr Goodfellow commented that this year, the College and the Girls’ School were both visited and assessed by the Education Review Office (ERO), and he is pleased to say that both reports have been the best to date.

Prior to the presentation of the awards, Dr Hastie gave an enlightening talk on young inventors. She said that she had been reflecting lately on the wonderful invention by the father of one of our girls, Sir Ray Avery, who invented a Life Pod incubator for babies in third world countries. Dr Hastie said, ‘You are never too young to make a difference, to invent something that could solve a world problem or improve on something really practical. I look forward to the time when I can read about you and that innovative idea that you have developed to make this world a better place. The only thing stopping you is yourself – don’t let others limit the ability and talent that you have. Believe in yourself, in others and in making a difference.’

Presenting the academic prizes were invited guests, Mrs Rosemary Harris from the Trust Board for the Junior and Middle School and Mrs Suzanne Winthrop, Deputy Head at the College, for the Senior School. The cultural awards were presented by Ms Jan Davidge who will be leaving the school after 15 years of service. Miss Tracey Walker, who also leaves this year, presented the Sports Awards. Concluding the presentations for the evening were the special awards by Dr Hastie. We thank all those who gave so freely of their time for the School.

In her last duty for 2014, Head Girl Emerald Bendall read out her final valedictory speech before handing the mantle of leadership to the new Head Girl for 2015, Moiralisa Ainu'u Aneru. On behalf of her classmates, Emerald thanked the teachers ‘who have guided us through our years of primary school. They have taught us not only how to multiply, divide and write essays, but they have expanded our minds and taught us lessons that we will take away from this School and apply throughout our lives. As we carry on the path of life to college, we will miss this ‘small but mighty’ School and all it has offered us.’

We wish all our families well for a safe and relaxing holiday period.

Kate has been an outstanding student since joining the School in Year 5 and has enjoyed academic success across a range of disciplines. She loves mathematics and appreciated the challenges that the subject offers. In 2014 she was placed 1st in Mathematics, Science and Mandarin and attained a 94% average across the core curriculum subjects. She is determined to achieve and worked hard at whatever she undertook, whether it was to organise events; through her work with the school council; or in her role as Deputy Sports Leader.            

PROXIME ACCESSIT                                                                  
In Year 7 Sharon was placed 1st overall in academic achievement, and received the English prize. In 2014 again she was successful as the top English scholar and attained a 93% average across the core curriculum subjects. Social Science and English are two subjects that she is passionate and she has expressed a keen interest in medicine as a future career.

CITIZENSHIP AWARD                                                                                   ZOE SPENCER              
The Citizenship cup is awarded to a student who understands the true meaning of service to others and embodies the school values, fully understanding the Saint Kentigern way. Zoe joined the school in 2014 and quickly achieved awards for taking on leadership responsibilities in her new school with confidence.

SPORTSWOMAN OF THE YEAR                                                                     ZARA SMITH
Zara is the Senior Swimming Champion, the Senior Athletics Champion, she placed 1st in the Year 7 Cross Country and she is a member of the Cricket 1st X1. Zara also was a member of the Year 7&8 Basketball A team and a rep basketball player for Harbour; a team that played in the nationals.   

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